How to choose the right NJ window company


Replacing the windows in your existing home can not only be a large project, but a significant investment. For the purpose of this article, we will examine how to effectively choose the right window company for your home.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners fall for is investing in a product without checking on the installation process. For example, at Nestify Home, our installers are certified and have been trained on the windows we provide, so we know the customer won’t have issues in the future.

You can choose the best window in the world, but if it is installed improperly, it will lead to major issues down the line.

Quality of work

Every company can talk a big game, but what it really comes down to is their specific training and materials used during installation. Make sure to find out what type of materials they use for the actual window installation. Everything down from the sealant they use to the capping and trim. Are they energy efficient? Will they leak over time? Will I have to recaulk my windows in a few years?

What type of windows are they using?

It’s your home, you want to make sure the windows you choose are going to stand the test of time. Too often we see homeowners who buy off-the-shelf stock windows from their local department store and are shocked at the result after installation.

Always make sure the company you choose has thoroughly explained the components that make their window right for your home. Vinyl is the most common window in New Jersey, it’s low maintenance and energy efficient. But are they using recycled vinyl or virgin vinyl? Are the frames of the window protected from gaps or loosening? Is the glass they use in the windows going to repel the energy from the sun and protect it?


Make no mistake, when you purchase windows, you want to have some coverage in the future incase any issues arise. At Nestify, we believe you should not have to spend another dime during your lifetime after you install your windows with us.

Always consider a company’s warranty as one of the most important things when choosing the right New Jersey window installer. How many years is their warranty? Is the warranty through the local provider or through a manufacturer who has been in business for some time? What percentage of the window will it cover? What will it cover?

All important questions to ask when choosing the right company and making a decision.


Finally, the last important aspect to consider is the experience for you, the homeowner! Making sure the company you choose not only displays complete professionalism, but also has open lines of communication and you trust them. This part of the process should be easy and seamless.

Always remember, window company’s are responsible to make the customer their main priority.

Find out why homeowners in New Jersey choose Nestify Home.

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