Does your home need roof ventilation?


What is a roof intake?

The intake of a roof takes air into the attic to moderate the temperature and evaporate moisture. Intakes are usually soffit vents, which are located beneath the eaves and gutters. Some companies will even install intake vents a few inches up from the gutter line, which is also effective.

You may think that all roofs are created equal, but this isn’t exactly the case.

Roof intake vents vs exhaust vents

Exhaust vents are used to ensure airflow from the attic to the outside of the home. Both the intake vents and the exhaust vents work in conjunction to ensure a constant ventilation in the attic.

With an effective intake and exhaust system installed, you should not need an exhaust fan for your roof. Not only are exhaust fans time-sensitive (they turn on and off at certain temperatures), they require electricity and greatly increase your energy bills.

What happens if my home does not have proper ventilation?

As a top NJ roofer, we’ve surveyed thousands of roofs in New Jersey. It’s clear that without ventilation, most homes are much more vulnerable to multiple issues and expenses. Here’s a few examples:

  • The roof becomes much more vulnerable to ice damming in the wintertime. The roof is much warmer near the ridge and colder at the gutterline, causing ice more formation.
  • Shingles will not last as long as they should. You’ll notice discolored or curled shingles due to the high temperatures in the attic in summertime.
  • High energy bills! Lack of proper ventilation will cause heat to become trapped under the roof. Poor insulation will have the opposite result – harder time keeping heat in.

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