Should I replace my window or the glass?


So you recently looked at your windows and found some issues. Maybe a baseball smashed it’s way through, or maybe there are some functional problems. Whether it’s the neighbors wild curveball, insulation failure, or damaged wood, there are many reasons windows can have issues. The question is now – can it be fixed? Or is a full replacement required? This article should help you make your decision on which route to choose.

When should you only replace the glass in a window?

There are very few examples in which residential window glass should be replaced without replacing the entire window. Some things to consider are also the condition of the window beforehand. Did it already have issues? If the glass was broken by say, a baseball, you can replace the glass on the window. However, in many cases, that is also not the best option. It’s always best to get a professional opinion first.

When should you replace the entire window?

If you recently looked at your windows and noticed some issues, it really depends on the severity to make a judgement call. Moisture build-up within the panes of glass, otherwise known as “seal failure”, is a definite sign of needing replacement. This article by the Feldco Factory will tell you everything you need to know about seal failure in a window.

Once the window’s seal has failed, it’s energy efficiency is lost. Not only will this increase your electricity bills, it will require more blankets in the summertime!

The other sign that your windows need to be replaced and not repaired is leaking. Leakage is a common problem with many windows and can cause many issues. Having leaks in your windows is similar to having an open door in your home, it lets in all the air and debris from outside.

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