What to look for when hiring your next roofer…


The time has come that you have decided to look for a New Jersey roofer. Whether it’s because you want an upgrade of your current roof OR you are having serious issues with your home, the hardest part is finding the right company to do the roof the right way.

A recent survey by Craftjack found that roofing is the hardest contracting job in America. It also happens to be one of the most important home improvement projects a New Jersey homeowner can undertake, as the roof protects everything underneath it.

When choosing a professional roofing company, always consider these important factors:

  • Are they from a reputable company?
  • Do they have the proper insurance, permits, and registration?
  • Am I comfortable doing business with them?
  • What types of products are they using?
  • Does the warranty they offer (if they offer one) actually cover what I need it to?

Like most things, in roofing, you get what you pay for. Especially in such a populated area as New Jersey, there are plenty of companies eager to earn a customers business and slap some shingles on their home. It’s up to the homeowner to make the right decision to ensure their project gets done right the first time.

Find out why homeowners in New Jersey choose Nestify Home for their next roofing project.

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